Chaucer Tennis League

Welcome to the Chaucer Tennis League

We are a local tennis league for clubs centred around Guildford in South-West Surrey. The league was formed in 1953 to organise inter-club matches (doubles play only) and provide a league structure for the member clubs. Currently, we have 20 member clubs in an area from Weybridge (North) to Godalming (South) and Farnham (West, The Bourne) to Kingswood (East).

After the cancellation of the 2020 season, all our leagues restarted in April 2021 and were extended by 1 month to the end of October. All teams and their players should be congratulated for completing their matches, and only a handful of walkovers (4) were given.

An important change to the match format was agreed at the AGM in December – From 2022, all matches in all divisions will play the deciding 3rd set (if needed) as a championship tie break (first to 10 points, 2 clear).

The 2022 leagues and fixtures are now available to view here. The season starts on 1st April, and we hope all teams and players enjoy their matches, and have a successful season.

28 March 2022