Chaucer Tennis League

Welcome to the Chaucer Tennis League

We are a local tennis league for clubs centred around Guildford in South-West Surrey. The league was formed in 1953 to organise inter-club matches (doubles play only) and provide a league structure for the member clubs. Currently, we have 20 member clubs in an area from Weybridge (North) to Godalming (South) and Farnham (West, The Bourne) to Kingswood (East).

Clubs compete in Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles (weekend and midweek) and Mixed doubles (weekend and midweek vets).

The 2022/23 Chaucer Winter Knock-Out tournament final was played on 26th March between Byfleet and Woking 1. The match was of a very high level, and was very closely fought with Byfleet just edging it by 2 sets after the rubbers finished 2-2. A couple of close tie-breaks proved decisive. Well played Byfleet.

Chaucer Chairman, Richard Clarke, congratulating the Byfleet team after the match.

The Winter 22/23 knock out had 13 teams entered and some very enjoyable and close matches were contested in some unpleasant weather between November and March. Well done to all captains for getting the matches completed. Hopefully next winter we will have even more clubs entering the tournament.

The 2023 League fixtures, which begin in April, will be published on League Planner as well as on this website.

The link to the 2023 Chaucer League is below.

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